And the world's got me dizzy again

you'd think after 28 years I'd be used to the spin

Bye Bye Chicago
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Hello Dubai O_o;

That'll be the case June 27th, 2013. My first trip over the big Atlantic Ocean, landing basically on the other side of the planet for 20 days. I can barely believe it's gunna happen and so fucking soon. Holy tata crackers my mind is racing a million miles per hour. So many things to do, not enough time in the day, and counting every penny T_T

This will be a good break, a great distraction from the bureaucratic bullshit and waiting the USCIS is putting everyone through.  We've decided that once our wait time hits the 7 month marker, if it's still untouched, we're going to formally withdraw our petition and move forward with the scary marriage thing. This means moving to a more welcoming visa system in... Ireland. Yep, Ireland. Nowhere near mentally prepared for that and still holding out that we can start our lives here. But after reading about the couple whose visa had just been approved when one of them suddenly passed away, just can't imagine continuing to spend our lives apart, waiting to finally live them together. It makes no sense and waiting until October is seeming crazier and crazier each day.

*deep breath* I'm ready for a new start, maybe even a clean slate? Do those exist anymore? Recently had to deactivate my once semi-popular tumblr thing due to harassment from other users and viewers. It was really kinda sad letting 2 years of that go, but also refreshing. Like, could finally let it go and start something new, something different. Uh, but on a much smaller scale, of course.

Annnnnd now my brain is traveling back to land of holy tata crackers so much to do so much to be done omg.

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Ligers and Tiglons and Litigons, oh my!
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Not that I can afford to step away, but seeing as the majority of last month's proposals were either declined or ignored, I decided to take a break from the major work-related stress and focus on art-like practice. I've been commissioned by the SO to make a few chibi images, but unfortunately all my inspiration seems to keep going back to this one idea. It's an image of a roughed-up, indignant, semi-amazonian queen with a dark past... sitting on her throne of... don't know what yet... with her protector, an enchanted Liger who used to be human nearly 100 years ago. When given the choice to break his curse, he turned it down in favor of serving his Queen. So far, I've only really developed the Liger's story but I'm having trouble finding usable stock images. Guess I'll have to go the old fashioned route and use imagination to combine stock of tigers and lions. Meh.

Another good reason for a break, or at least a break into art stuff, is the whole damn Visa business. We submitted our petition in early March and our case was moved to CSC, which is working through cases at a snail's pace. We've been told it could be October before hearing anything back one way or another. I think that's one of the worst parts of this. Waiting just to find out whether or not he can even have an interview. If they're going to reject it, I'd rather just visit him now, get married, come back here, submit our AOS stuff and see within a few months if they'll approve or deny. *shakes head*

Anyway, since it's such a long wait until then, I've offered to go ahead and get my passport and maybe, MAYBE, visit Dubai for a few weeks. I don't know that we can even afford it and the timing is kinda fucked. Holy months out there are around July/August so we have to plan around those or else you know... no hand-holding and definitely no kissing in public. You can't even eat in public then so we wouldn't be able to go out for food or anything along those lines. Not the vacation Jon had in mind so, yeah. Assuming it doesn't take a lifetime to get my new passport back, June or the end of August/September. If we're at all lucky and the CSC's speed picks up, could even possibly be there during his Embassy interview.

Blah. But for now, blah. Everyone was so annoyed last month when my response to every bitch and moan about the country and taxes and government policies was "New Zealand"... for many reasons, I've always wanted to explore and ultimately live in a place like New Zealand. Everywhere has natural disasters, so why not go somewhere beautiful with job opportunities and as far away as fucking possible <3 The more I mention it, the more people seem to be getting on board. I mean, if you're just gunna gripe about the way things are here, while offering no solution to fix it, go somewhere else, right? Hmm...

Back to real life
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Where he is blur and I am... crazy hair lady.

He is now back inside a box, do not like =(

Tomorrow is D-day, putting together the physical petition. I have to create 2 identical version, keeping one as a copy and since Jon requires all the same documents for his interview, making 4 exact copies. We currently have nearly 100 pages worth of proof that must be edited down. It took the entire last 7 days to finalize and redact and highlight all our documentation but there's no putting off the scary stuff now that the photo prints are here. Can't believe they delivered during a winter storm when our front door is kinda unreachable... thank you, brave FedEx man. Now, if I could just train the UPS guys to actually ring the doorbell or at least knock when they leave packages... oye. Ass far as I can tell, they drop it and run. Like my lingerie contains something that could bite? Prolly not wise to drop it then... Ass? Thank you, fingers.

Dreading doing more, dreading sleeping, dreading everything except the hope of being able to breathe easily and settle down with Jon and a steady job by this time next year... And pancakes T_T No more adventures in malfunctioning color printers over passport-style photos and invites to bid on conflicting projects for devil music or church store...

Brighter news? Sexy, sexy times on Sunday *fingers crossed*

I realize most of this makes no sense.

8 months to a year
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Petitioner – Me  /  Beneficiary - Jon

Step 1
Gather all necessary documents and photos to file with form I-129F for the K-1 visa.
Time: Varies

Step 2
Petitioner sends completed form I-129F to the Dallas Lockbox.
Time: Varies – send via Express or Courier with return receipt

Step 3
Petitioner receives the 1st Notice of Action (NOA) that the K-1 visa has been opened.
Time: usually 2-3 weeks

Step 4
Petitioner receives 2nd NOA that the K-1 visa has been approved.
Time: 3-6 months… holy wow that’s a long time

Step 5
Beneficiary starts gathering necessary documents for embassy/medical interview. This includes copy of I-129F and supporting documents. See step 9.
Time: Varies

Step 6
Case is forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC).
Time: about 2 weeks after the 2nd NOA is received

Step 7
NVC forwards case to the US Embassy in Beneficiary’s country.
Time: 1-4 weeks

Step 8
US Embassy processes case and sends letter to Beneficiary.
Time: 1 week

Step 9
Checklist of items and paperwork necessary for further processing and/or interview is sent to Beneficiary.
Time: 1 week

Step 10
Beneficiary completes and sends paperwork to Embassy and attends medical interview.
Time: Varies

Step 11
Embassy issues interview date.
Time: 1 month

Step 12
Beneficiary has interview at Embassy. Barring any issues, K-1 visa will be issued.
Time: 0-1 week

Step 13
Beneficiary and Petitioner get married within 6 months of K-1 visa being issued and within 90 days of Beneficiary entering the US.
Time: Varies

And that’s where I’m going to stop… there’s a ton more but it’s going to take anywhere from 6 months to a year just to make this much happen. Everyone thinks I’m stressing too much and should just get started but every time I get to this one little form, one that’s not even mentioned until the interview stage… my heart falls to the pit of my stomach. It’s called an affidavit of support and it requires I list my work and financial information. They want to be sure my fiancé won’t become a burden and they decide that depending on my bank account apparently. I’m a freelancer just starting out. I live back at home with my parents. I’m afraid they’ll take one look at that and be like… uhmmm, no. Oye. I guess we’ll see what happens *sigh*


Countdown to crazy town
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Soon... very soon... and then? EXPLOSIONS of awesome and yayness the likes of which you've never seen. Okay, maybe you have, but it's new to me for sure.

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My grandfather died on Sunday and my heart broke more than I ever thought it could. You know how some people are just special beyond explanation? I can't say that about many people, but the world suffered a huge loss when he left us.

I decided to not attend the funeral, for several reasons. Family doesn't really understand, but it's not for them to understand. I was lucky enough to see him one last time a few months ago and that's when I said my good byes, hoping against odds it wouldn't be the last time. Just not how it worked out and I'm happy that at the very least, I get to remember him as very much alive, very much full of love, even while in so much pain during his final months. He was always that way, so content.

Unfortunately, one of the last things he said to me was about Jon, "I hope I'm still around to meet him." He never did. Really wish my eyes would stop leaking. Any time now, really. T_T

Picture post!
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Because it's 8am and everyone's asleep and it's been forever since I've shared any visuals of anything, namely my freaky mosntah face.

Waiting to talk to Jon, things like this happen. A lot.

Sadly, since moving back, this is what he looks like now when we chat while he's overseas. Beautiful, eh? =(

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The cactus I stole from work on my last day. Because I'm fucking nuts. It pricked me, three times, so I ended up abandoning the poor, psychotic thing by the roadside with a post-it that read, "Careful. Bites."

Someone took it home with them though, not sure who but hopefully it'll become less of a zombie cactus...

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Only 3 more days left at the office, ever. The thought scares me. Dreading giong in each day but dreading what comes next week just as much. Every day seems to get a little worse there and I'm not quite sure why. Old boss and coworker have started telling people they are leaving, have started telling other clients I work with as well so I've had to make time in a schedule that has no extra time to spare... in order to tell these people about my resignation. *beats head on desk* Rawr? On top of that, old boss is kinda exaggerating the truth about my situation, telling people I'm off on an adventure to see the world and will be getting married to a foreigner, then moving to London, and yadda yadda. So so so far from the truth *facepalm* Been getting random emails from clients saying things like, "Oh wow you're so courageous! Doing things I've only ever dreamed of!"

Wha? Huh?

Guess the bright side of all the random shit going on is that I finally acquired my first freelance gig on elance. Fixing up a popular production/tech crew's website since they have recently rebranded, they deal primarily with filming in Southeast Asia and have worked with the Discovery Channel, History channel, on shows like Top Gear, Man vs Wild, etc. Kinda neat reading through all their projects, down side is that they have a tight deadline and I'm already juggling a full-time job here, well, for a few days more at least, on top of trying to get things ready for the move. I think it's going alright though and hopefully will have a chance to wrap things up for this in the evenings.

Just desperate for some really great feedback for that site, could be the difference between getting another freelance job or a desk job... *yee*

ALRIGHTY. Jon is sick, I am headachy, dark and rainy out, and the day's just getting started. Yay? >_>;

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Done on the plane, as a distraction. Funny that it was a distraction, since usually I'm too distracted to ever make anything like this. Jon says practice, more, draw lots and lots and lots, all the time. If only there was time T_T

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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
"No test can provide a definite diagnosis of ALS"

That's really reassuring, no, really. Doctors can't say definitively but think it's highly likely my grandfather has Lou Gehrig's Disease and likely has had it for quite some time. This, combined with a recent, second or third, mini-stroke and overall declining health for a long time... is why I'm rather suddenly getting on a plane to Virginia. To say goodbye. My sister called to say it's just a matter of time now, so my father and I will visit this weekend, try to spend some time with him before we have to go back to our lives and then the next time we go back to VA. Well, that will probably be for his funeral.

I'm fine until someone brings it up. Trying really hard not to cry every time someone at work is like, "if you need anything..." with those all-knowing looks, because, well, because I just don't deal with death or situations revolving around death very well. Never have, usually run in the complete opposite direction but Jon and my father have convinced me to make an effort this time. Wish Jon could meet Papaw, just very unlikely he'll be back in the country before... well, just before.

Sad, sad day.

Oh, and last minute plane tickets are fucking expensive. I feel like I broke the bank but don't think that matters right now, just can't seem to stop thinking about it =/


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